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    28 April 2021

    This event begins 28/04/20 and repeats every year forever

    Ever tried to join a traffic queue?  Then someone beeps or flashes and lets you in.  You smile / flash back / give them a wave.  Then maybe later in your journey, still feeling good, you let someone else in. Being kind spreads and creates a FAR better place to live. 
    How to celebrate Pay It Forward Day
    Be a more courteous driver Help someone pack their shopping Hold a door open Put your neighbours bin out Send someone a lovely note Compliment someone on their hair, smile, nails, whatever The list is endless!!  What have you done today to Pay it Forward?   

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    29 April 2021

    This event begins 29/04/20 and repeats every year forever

    It was the wish of seven-year-old Leukaemia sufferer to become a police officer. When police heard about this they wanted to help and granted his wish. He was a police officer for one day on the 29th April 1980. Others heard about this and thought that granting wishes for sick children was a good idea. So, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded and became one of the best-known children’s charities in the world.
    This led to the birth of World Wish Day – the anniversary of the day the police granted Chris’ wish. There are now 48 countries involved in World Wish Day. 
    Have you ever blown a dandelion to make a wish?  Ever wished on a shooting star or on blowing out Birthday Candles?  That may seem daft to some but wishes are wonderful things - they are full of hope and looking forward into the future with positivity. At the launch event of zero49 I was moved by peoples wishes; their Bucket Lists.  Don't wait until something 'life changing' to happen.  
    Make that wish, set it up as a goal, as a priority and GO GET IT!!
    How to Celebrate World Wish Day
       Contribute to the charity Make A Wish  Make a wish come true for someone you love Tell us your wish – you never know, there may be a way we can make it come true!

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