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Eat What you Want Day

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Karen Kelly

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This event began 11/05/20 and repeats every year forever

A good few years back, I was asked to go buy  ingredients for a dinner that 'I' would like. Not my kids, husband or anyone else - me.  It took me 2 hours of going round the supermarket to come up with one dinner because I was so used to catering for everyone else that I'd lost who I was and my preferences.  I think as females we have a tendency to put everyone else and their dog's needs before ours! 

Today, take time to think what you LOVE to eat.  

What foods make you smile as you put them into your mouth?  
What foods do you really savour the flavour and textures of?  What foods make you feel nourished, satisfied, good? 

Well, go and get them today and really, truly enjoy!

Comedy Central Eating GIF by Inside Amy Schumer

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