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  1. Yay! The new course starts today! Limited places left so get in FAST! 😃 Don’t Miss Out! Get your life back on track!
  2. Calm, Relaxed Evenings & Bright, Energetic Mornings The rising and setting of the sun has governed the circadian rhythm of all life forms on Earth since the beginning of time. Soon after it gets dark, your genes trigger the release of the hormone melatonin into the bloodstream, prompting the familiar sleepiness that allows you to transition into bedtime and an optimal cycling through all phases of sleep. When your eye and skin cells sense light in the morning, your genes prompt an increase in the mood-elevating hormone serotonin, as well as the stress hormone cortisol, and a
  3. Interestingly, besides humans, orcas and pilot whales are the only other species where the females live significantly beyond their reproductive age. The average age of menopause hovers around 50, and most women can expect to live another 30 years or so. That indicates its importance. It wouldn’t have been uniquely established and preserved in just a couple species if it didn’t provide huge benefits to those species. And sure enough: · The presence of grandmothers in a population enhances maternal survival during childbirth. · They provide childcare so parents can be more produc
  4. Well what a year it's been. How many times have you heard that? As the year closes I'm seeing a theme everywhere of Thank Goodness that's over! Good riddance 2020! and yes, it's been a year of frustrations, sadness, loss, anger, worry, isolation and it's all valid. (Try starting an events company JUST as the pandemic shut everything down!) I bet you're now expecting me to tell you to reflect on the good times, the positives? Well maybe not today. Instead, I think it's better to focus on what we've learned about ourselves and our lives. Maybe things we tho
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=emb_title&time_continue=1&v=3sK3wJAxGfs
  6. Karen Kelly


    Take a note today on what oils you use. Some oils are unsupportive for Health (industrial oils, margarine, vegetable oils, seed oils etc) and others are support, great health (butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oils.)
  7. I found these tabs a bit weird to use at first. You have to kind of 'gather' your saliva and chew them to make a paste however, they give a great clean! You know that really smooth feeling you get after the dentist cleans your teeth, well my teeth were that smooth afterwards. ? The gave a mild minty taste that was 'authentic' (not that 'plastic' overwhelmingly minty taste that you can sometimes get.) I REALLY like that there's a measured amount so no more having the kids squeeze half a tube onto their brush only to drop it around the sink!! Summary Good taste, great clean, m
  8. Karen Kelly

    Web Designer Day

    Today is the ideal day to give our zero49 web designer a huge THANK YOU for our fabulous website. If you are looking for a great web designer who listens, fulfils (or exceeds!) the brief, who is easily contacted and friendly then we HIGHLY recommend Big Front Door Thank you Dave. ?
  9. This is a day I LOVE!! Primal is about being the best version of yourself inside and out and it BLOWS OUT OF THE WATER, the myth, that you inevitably will decline into old age. Aches and pains are NOT to be expected!! REJECT that 100%!!! Mark Sissons coined the phrase "live long. Drop dead." Living your optimum, healthiest life, and you can lead a full, fully mobile, great life right up until the sands of your hourglass run out. If you'd like clear, friendly advice on how to live a more Primally aligned life, I would LOVE to hear from you. [email protected]
  10. Karen Kelly

    Wine Day

    Oh yes! Now this is the kind of day that I can really get on board with! Whether you're a fan of the fresh, crisp and cold white wine or a 'so heavy you have to chew it down' red today is the day to perhaps try something new. Really savour the wine. Spend a few moments swirling it around the glass taking in the colours, a few deep breaths smelling the aroma, really thinking about what tastes the smells are hinting of. Then take a sip...let it wash over your tongue, filling the inside of your mouth with flavours, each different taste sending a signal of recognition to your brain..
  11. Karen Kelly

    Brother's Day

    A day to be kind to your Brother, to buy him a pint or dinner or maybe take him his favourite cake. Go on! Spoil that special male in your life.
  12. Karen Kelly

    Tiara Day

    Get your tiara on and be the special person you totally are! Also available here
  13. Don't fry in the sun - we know this - it makes sense. But did you know that getting 30 mins sunlight exposure can stimulate your body into producing around 10,000 IU of Vit D!! When you compare that to a good quality supplement or eating a Primal diet (1,000 IU) or the Standard American/British Diet (SAD) of 300 IU) it's an easy no brainer. Expose as much skin as possible to sunlight for at least 30 mins every day. But this is Don't Fry Day - notice that I said sunlight above and not necessarily sunshine. It's great to have a short exposure without creams (and without burni
  14. Karen Kelly

    NoteBook Day

    Who doesn't love a lovely, new notebook? What will it be for? What secrets or goals will it hold? You've probably guessed that I LOVE a new notebook. I got three as gifts last Christmas - one of which was the most beautiful Mont Blanc white leather notebook with the red kiss of Marilyn Monroe! OH!! Be still me beating heart! It's taken me 4 months and a new fountain pen to find a topic worthy of writing in it. If you ask me nicely, I'll tell you what that subject is!! ? What would you use a lovely notebook for? Journalling a health kick? A diary of your days high and lows? A Book o
  15. Karen Kelly

    World Bee Day

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