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You want someone to Listen to you. You want 1-1 coaching. You have a specific goal/s in mind. You want Education, 24/7 Support and Accountability to meet those goals this time.

  • A personalised, individual programme to meet your goals.
  • Support in defining and really focusing in on those goals.
  • Education and Guidance on how to implement the Primal Blueprint into your life.
  • Weekly 1-1 Private, 30 min coaching sessions to ascertain what worked, what you need help with and navigate any forthcoming obstacles.
  • 24 Hour support
  • Personal Helpline 24/7
  • Welcome Pack filled with Natural, Zero-waste Products
  • Complimentary Social Membership for 1 year.

It’s fab to see but also FEEL the difference. Also I’m now down 3.7Kgs!  (8.1lbs in 19 days)

What you want - 

  • More energy and feeling more energetic
  • Fat loss especially from your waist
  • Reduce aches & pains and that ‘getting older’ feeling
  • Getting rid of that brain fog and get clearer thinking & more retention

What you’ll receive - 

  • Help in defining and setting your personal Health Goals
  • 3 point Action Plan to meet that Goal sent daily directly to you
  • Learn how to easily incorporate better Food, Fitness & Fun into your existing lifestyle
  • Education on what’s happening inside your body and how to work WiTH your body’s needs
  • 24/7 online support 
  • Entry into the Private Facebook Group for friendly support and chat from fellow participants
  • BONUS - Free Shopping List, Food Pyramid & Fitness videos 

Learn how to work with your body and watch how it starts to work with you!
Places Limited.



  • Access to Friends Forum and Newsletter
  • Reduced Ticket Price for Events
  • Tickets offered for one week before General Release
  • Discounted shopping online 
  • Discounts with associated businesses
  • Membership pack including 
    • lapel pin
    • membership card
    • welcome gift
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