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Calm, Relaxed Evenings & Bright, Energetic Mornings

The rising and setting of the sun has governed the circadian rhythm of all life forms on Earth since the beginning of time. 

Soon after it gets dark, your genes trigger the release of the hormone melatonin into the bloodstream, prompting the familiar sleepiness that allows you to transition into bedtime and an optimal cycling through all phases of sleep. 


When your eye and skin cells sense light in the morning, your genes prompt an increase in the mood-elevating hormone serotonin, as well as the stress hormone cortisol, and a corresponding decline in melatonin. This helps you feel refreshed and energized enough to tackle a busy day.
In the past century or so, we have radically disrupted these critical natural circadian cycles by introducing artificial light and digital stimulation after dark and avoiding natural light during the day. The presence of artificial light and/or digital stimulation (from electronic devices such as TV, computer, and smartphones) at night coupled with the absence of natural light during the day suppresses the release of melatonin. Instead, because your genes think it's still light out and want to keep you alert, stress hormones flood the bloodstream. This is a genetically programmed response to the request for additional energy and focus at a time when all your systems should be winding down for the evening. This disruption of optimal sleep cycles leads to elevated stress hormones, sugar cravings, compromised fat metabolism, compromised sleep, and diminished energy in the mornings.
By minimizing artificial light and digital stimulation after dark, and instead engaging in calm, mellow evenings filled with reading, socializing and evening strolls, you recalibrate your hormones to better align with your circadian rhythm. Coupled with a simple, quiet, dark, cool sleeping environment, you can enjoy high energy mornings where you awaken, near sunrise, feeling refreshed and energized. Going with your body by getting out of bed almost as soon as you wake up and engaging in stretching, moving, walking or an invigorating shower or other stimulating activities boosts the serotonin, helping to ensure a productive, happier day. 
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